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Release Notes for TrueGrid®
Version 2.3.4, December 27, 2010

1. A new feature creates cohesive shell elements with zero area for every edge shared by two quad shells. This feature is for LS-DYNA only. The commands to generate this are:

chz region mat (part phase)
chzi progression mat (part phase)
chz face_set mat (merge phase)

All shells found in the region are included in the cohesion calculation. Every edge shared by two shells will be separated by a zero thick cohesion element and assigned material number mat. This applies to transitional regions and to edges with more than two shells.

This has not yet been generalized to triangular shells.

If an edge is selected, it will cause the material for the cohesive element to be changed along that edge. If the cohesive elements in a region or an edge have the material specified more than once, the last material number assigned will be used.

2. The tessellation of IGES surfaces have been improved. If you have been using the useiges command with a binary IGES file, you may wish to rebuild these binary files.

3. A bug in the interactive Sets window in the merge phase when picking a set that does not exist has been fixed.

4. A bug in the TOPAZ3D output was fixed. The shell element definition and the thicknesses are now on separate lines.

5. A new command will create shell elements from the faces of a solid part in the part phase. The shells are not actually generated until the part has ended. The shells can be seen in the merge phase.

ESH region material thickness ;
ESHI progression material thickness ;

6. The nset command used in the part phase to generate spherical particles is now functional. Only a selection of a solid region can be used to select the interior nodes that define these spherical particles. See SPARTICLE.

7. There was a bug in the environment window related to the Set Editing. Label button of the Pick panel was not activated at the Quit button of Set Editing window.