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TrueGrid® is the mesh generator of choice in many industries. However, it is often the case that, the best and most interesting meshes are protected by non-disclosure agreements or stronger. Nonetheless, we have been able to gather several representative meshes -- some built by our staff, some built by our customers -- to demonstrate TrueGrid®'s ability generate high quality hexahedral meshes and grids.

We have categorized these meshes into 4 groups: Finite Element Meshes, Computational Fluid Grids, BioMechanical Meshes, and those created in a Classroom Environment.

Finite Element Meshes

Computational Fluid
Dynamics Meshes

hub mesh die mesh

Biomechanical Meshes

Class Room

Foot Mesh rochet mesh

Note: If you are a user who would like to have their results showcased in these pages, please contact the webmaster.