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Release Notes For TrueGrid® Version 2.2.1

July 25, 2005

1. The ABAQUS output had a bug fixed so that the default initial temperature could be changed for each part using the temp command.

2. Selecting points for slice window by projection a point onto a surface or a curve has been fixed.

3. A bug in the point lists for Windows was fixed. Curve has not been saved properly when there are more than 200 points in the list.

4. A bug that created a strange mesh when a block boundary failed has been fixed. Now, when the block boundary fails because the master and slave side are incompatible, the interface is ignore. You will still get a warning message.

5. A bug which caused TrueGrid to abort when displaying immediately after entering the part phase has been fixed.

6. Output bugs for LSDYNA *DATABASE was fixed. The bugs were in
(b) The default value of the BINARY field ASCII DATABASE has been set as 0 instead of 1 or 2.

7. A bug in the Windows version regarding the working directory has been fixed. After reading the IGES through the IGES Dialog box, default working directory was set as the directory where IGES file was. So, output such as 'tsave' or 'trugrdo' was written not in the working directory specified in the preferences(TG-control window) if the IGES file was not in the working directory.

8. A bug was fixed that was introduced in version 2.2.0 for the lin command.

9. An obscure bug was fixed with the 2D smoothing invoked with the relax, esm, and unifm commands. If an exterior vertex was glued to at least 2 other vertices using the bb command and if they were smoothed by one of these commands as an interior node, then the edge(s) in the orthogonal direction connected to these vertices would be incorrectly interpolated (if they too were glued to each other with the BB command).

10. A bug was introduced in version 2.2.0 with the merging of nodes. This actually occurred in January, 2005 with the beta release when a new between node sets merging command (BNSTOL) was added. This may have affected the merging of nodes if sliding interfaces were used. It was a rather arbitrary behavior due to an uninitialized variable and in many cases there were no signs of a problem. This has been fixed.

11. A bug was fixed having to do with face and beam sets in the merge phase. If the fill mode graphics is used and a face set was created interactively and saved and if the picture was not redrawn, adding more faces to the set with the mouse would cause TrueGrid to crash. In addition, the ifill graphics displaying the face set or beam set while in the interactive set mode and after a redraw was drawn incorrectly. These problems have been fixed.

Release Notes For TrueGrid® Version 2.2.2

Sept 22, 2005

1. A bug in the intp option of the SD command to interpolate between surafaces was fixed. This bug occurred when the parent surface was a trimmed surface.

2. A bug was fixed in the normal offset of polygon surfaces.

3. A bug was fixed in the polygon surface which was limited to 10,000 polygons.

4. A minor bug was fixed for the fraces option of the labels command when one of the faces of a matched pair comes from a mesh from the readmesh command and where these two faces are triangles.

5. A bug of moving point of a polygon surface has been fixed. A point of the surface has been moved in all directions even when there are constraints set by x,y or z check buttons in the pick panel of the environment window.

6. Set names of the "Set Editing" window were changed to case insensitive.

7. A bug in the saving sets with large number of faces was fixed. A list of faces in the set was supposed to be put into a buffer array piece by piece.

8. There was a incorrect highlighting of face sets of quadratic tet element in fastdrawing mode such as during the rotations.

9. The cfx4 output was optimized for large numbers of parts.

10. A bug was fixed with the function to change the material number for a very large set of elements. The same was fixed when deleting a very large number of elements.

11. Several options where added to the ABAQUS material command ABAQMATS.

SCONTROL to set the scale factors for the section controls
HOURGLAS to select the hour glass for section controls
KINSPLIT to select the kinematic split for section controls
SORDER to choose second order in the section controls
WEIGHT to set the weight factor in the section controls
AQORIENT to set the material orientation

The syntax of these new options is:

SCONTROL factor1 factor2 factor3 for the section scale factors
where the option can be
ENHANCED for Enhanced
RELAX for Relax Stiffness
STIFFNESS for Stiffness
VISCOUS for Viscous
where the option can be
CENTROID for Centroid
ORTHOGON for Orthogonal
SORDER to select second order
WEIGHT wf for the weight factor
AQORIENT type args to assign an orientation to the elements
where the type and args can be
COOR x1,y1,z1,x2 y2 z2 ld angle for Coordinates

12. A bug was fixed having to do with the interaction of the Transfinite Interpolation (TF and TFI commands) where the boundary of the region is, at least partially, glued to another block with the BB command and where the master side does not have equal distribution of nodes. A second bug related to this was fixed in the TF and TFI commands when multiple zoning rules are applied to an edge that forms part of the boundary for a transfinite interpolation.

13. A bug was fixed for the CO command using the GRTOL option. This is a diagnostic for the CFX4 output found only in the merge phase.

14. A bug was introduced in version 2.2.0 concerning the nodal distribution along edges using the res, drs, as, and das commands. In some cases, when no other commands are applied to the edge, the npdal distribution command was ignored, producing equally spaced nodes along that edge. This has been fixed.

15. The cross sectional area for a DYNA3D truss, when speciified using the bsd command, was being ignored. This is fixed.

16. There were two cursors when slice window opened again while the cursor of the previous window was not at the default text field.

17. The CIRCENT command now also prints the radius and the normal of of the plane containing the circle.

18. a new surface definition has been added to the SD surface definition command in all phases. The new surface definition, CYR2, defines a cylinder with 2 points along the axis of symmetry and the radius of the cylinder. of the plane containing the circle.

19. The errmod command has been extended. This is now a globall command.

where mode can be
0 (default) error handling
1 for no warning messages
2 for error interupt mode
3 for no warning messages and for error interrupt mode

Release Notes For TrueGrid® Version 2.2.3

Oct. 14, 2005

1. A bug was fixed in the projection to a Hermite surface when the accuracy parameter was set above 2.0.

2. A new cylinder surface can be generated from 3 points. This is the new CYR3 option in the SD command.

SD surface_# CYR3 radius x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 x3 y3 z3

This option works identically to the CY3 option except that the radius given overrides the radius determined by the 3 points.

3. The *ORIENTATION card for ABAQUS had a wrong format for a number. This has been fixed.

4. Printing indices of a vertex to the text windwo by F1 is available for the command 'ma'.

5. A bug was fixed in the dialog box for OFFSET. It happened when the OFFSET dialog opened after setting the output as "lsdyna keyword".

6. The CONDITION command in the merge phase has 2 new options for detonation points (DETP) and tracer particles (TRP).

7. The spotweld elements with material 100 in LS-DYNA are now identified in the CONTACT_SPOTWELD contact surface (LS-DYNA 970), instead of the CONTACT_TIED_SHELL_EDGE_TO_SURFACE (LS-DYNA 950). These elements are created using the spwf command in the merge phase.

8. The rotation angle about the general axis of the transfomation list from the IGES dialog was not written in the list field. This IGES dialog box is only available on MS-Windows version.

9. A bug was fixed related to the spp (spherical projection) command.

Release Notes For TrueGrid® Version 2.2.4

Nov. 17, 2005

1. A bug was fixed in the CFX4 output which was introduced recently when it was optimized.

2. An improvement was made to handle errors in IGES geometry.

3. A bug related to COEDG was fixed. Saving a curve using more than 30 edges by COEDG dialog did not work properly.

4. A bug in the RES, DRS, AS, DAS, and NDS commands to distribute nodes along and egde had a bug that was fixed. This bug only appeared if all of the nodes along the edge were vertices (i.e. each element was a block).

Release Notes For TrueGrid® Version 2.2.6

Feb. 27, 2006

1. A bug was fixed related to edges that were placed onto a curve and the res, drs, as, or das command was used over multiple edges. This was a new bug that was introduced in version 2.2.3.

2. The maximum number of transformations in the lrep and grep commands was increased to 500.

3. A numerical error caused some cases in the relax command with multiple regions (using the ampersand) with glued faces or edges (using the BB command) to work incorrectly. The connim edge or face would not be smoothed. This only occurred in the cylindrical part (cylinder command).

4. There was a bug in decoding the internal drawing commands issued by the drawing buttons in the environment window. This bug was specific to IBM-AIX.

5. A bug in the CRY2 surface type of the SD command which ignored the y-component of the axis of symmetry has been fixed.

6. A bug reading TIME HISTORY BLOCKS in LLNL DYNA3D input decks has been fixed.

7. A bug reading curves from binary iges files has been fixed. been fixed.

8. A bug in rescaling for the drawing of the physical window has been fixed. This unnecessary centering of a picture happened after operations such as moving a region of of mesh.

9. A bug was fixed regarding the .tgwimdowsizes file that is written when the F4 function key is hit. On WINDOWS, if you saved the window configuation with the F4 key and then decreased the resolution of the screen, the TrueGrid window would be too large to show on the screen. The settings in the .tgwindowsizes file will be ignored when this situation occurs.