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November 2008: XYZ Releases TrueGrid® version 2.3.

V2.3 boasts a 64 bit version for models greater than 25 million nodes and accuracy up to 13 digits, delivering the most robust mesh generator on the market. New features were added to support LS-Dyna, Abaqus and Ansys as well as up to date output options for CFX5 and StarCD. TrueGrid V2.3 is also proud to support Kiva 4. V2.3 provides more flexibility to users with new programming features such as arrays with indices and looping to customize algorithms within TrueGrid. Mesh density can now be changed globally with a single parameter. Assemblies are made easy using the transitioning feature which allows users to connect coarse and dense hex meshes between dissimilar parts. Smoothing features create uniform elements across multiple disconnected blocks. TrueGrid V2.3 reads input and stores command history effortlessly. No clean-up work is necessary when importing CAD geometry. Polygonal data can be imported directly as surface geometry. Diagnostic features and advanced fast graphics assure the user of the best quality mesh. The TGhist feature records each part history forming the most efficient way to reproduce a part.

June 4-6 2006: XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc. at LS-DYNA International User's Conference

Dr. Robert Rainsberger will be at the TrueGrid® booth in Dearborn Michigan. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by to see what is being developed for TrueGrid® version 3.0.

March 2006: TrueGrid® User's Group

Sachin Budhabhatti has founded a TrueGrid® User's Group. To join, go to .

February 2006: XYZ Releases TrueGrid®, Version 2.2.6

This is the final minor release of TrueGrid® version 2.2. This release includes a 64 bit AMD Opteron on SUSSE LINUX and an APPLE power PC version of TrueGrid®. Expect version 2.3 in the very new future with a complete OpenGL capability. This will include a new feature with full color graphics in the part phase.

March 2004: XYZ Releases TrueGrid®, Version 2.2

Now available, TrueGrid version 2.2 delivers major enhancements and additions to its already extensive list of capabilities. Below are only a sample of what is new.

Extensive enhancements and additions have been added to the output features for many analysis packages. Packages enhanced include LSTC DYNA (including thermal materials and DATABASE extensions), MSC NASTRAN (including rigid bodies material types), ANSYS (including materials, analysis options and cross section data), ABAQUS (fixed formats are no longer used), and NIKE3D (now includes 20 noded brick elements and sliding interfaces with 8 noded segments). Further, TrueGrid now supports Noran Engineering, Inc. NASTRAN and TOPAZ3D version 2000.

Input for IGES files has been extended to support singular subfigure and FEM elements. New entities include nodes, many of the element types, and tabular data. In addition, the nodes and elements in an LSTC DYNA keyword input file can be read and placed in the TrueGrid data base.

The Uniform smoothing smoothing is now available for faces. In addition, Uniform smoothing can be performed with Neumann boundary conditions.

Major advancements have been added to the transition block boundary command. Transitional elements are available in two directions at one interface. In addition, intermediate partitions are now allowed on the slave side of the transition. Transition block boundaries now work with both linear and quadratic elements.

Also noteworthy are commands which: increase the mesh density uniformly in all 3 directions by an scale factor, simplify graphical slicing, extend diagnostic measures, display multiple labels and conditions, define functions usable in any expression or equation, and polygons sets from polygon surfaces and surface definitions from polygon sets (for sorting out and splitting complex polygon surfaces).

September 2001: XYZ Releases TrueGrid®, Version 2.1

XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc. (XYZ), author of the world's premier preprocessor for high quality mesh generation, today announces the release of version 2.1. The powerful new features available in XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc., the world's leader in high quality, hexahedral mesh preprocessing, is pleased to announce the release of TrueGrid® 2.1 permit designers to more quickly generate accurate simulations, shortening the product design cycle and increasing profits.

November 2000: TrueGrid® is now available on LINUX!

XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc., the world's leader in high quality, hexahedral mesh preprocessing, is pleased to announce the release of TrueGrid® on Linux. At this time, we are available on Red Hat version 6.2. View our press release.

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