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TrueGrid® is the preprocessor of choice in many different industries. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the best and most interesting meshes are protected by non-disclosure agreements or stronger. Nonetheless, we have been able to gather several representative meshes -- some built by our staff, some built by our customers -- to demonstrate TrueGrid®'s ability to efficiently generate high quality hexahedral meshes and grids.

We have gathered these examples into 3 categories: Finite Element Meshes, Computational Fluid Grids and BioMechanical Meshes. Structural meshes tends to have lower aspect ratios and to otherwise be qualitatively distinct from the grids used in fluid dynamics. The third category, biomechanical meshes, is based on the geometry definition rather than the analysis type. Biomechanical geometry is frequently obtained as many points (e.g. a CAT scan or MRI). Software is then used or a program is written to represent these points by polygonal surfaces. These polygonal surfaces, sometimes hundreds of them, are read into TrueGrid® and are used as the boundaries of the mesh.

Finite Element Meshes Computational Fluid Dynamics Grids Biomechanical Meshes and Grids
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