Do you support "my favorite analysis code" (e.g.LS-DYNA, ABAQUS, Fluent, NASTRAN, Ansys, CFX, etc.)?

Answer: TrueGrid supports many analysis programs, including today's most popular commercial FEA and CFD analysis codes, including (in alphabetical order) ABAQUS®, ANSYS®, AUTODYN®, CFD-ACE®, CFX®, FLUENTTM, LS-DYNA®, MARC®, NASTRAN®, GRIDGEN3D, NEUTRAL file, STAR-CD and TASCflowTM. If your favorite format is not supported by TrueGrid®, you may find that you can use the NEUTRAL file, NASTRAN, or PLOT3D format.

In addition, DOE and DOD users will enjoy the fact that we also support several of the LLNL and Sandia model formats, including ALE3D, DYNA3D, EXODUSII, NIKE3D, PLOT3D, SAMI, and TOPAZ3D.

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