TrueGrid® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Nowadays most analysis codes come with their own preprocessor. Why should I buy the TrueGrid® stand-alone preprocessor?

Question: Why does your software development company offer consulting services?

Question: Is TrueGrid® capable of generating a mesh for a component system or assembly as well as for stand-alone parts?

Question: Do you support "my favorite analysis code" (LS-DYNA, ABAQUS, Autodyn, NASTRAN, Fluent, CFX, etc.)?

Question: Can I create a parameterized mesh with TrueGrid®?

Question: Can I purchase TrueGrid® outside of the United States?

Question: Why can't I find any prices on your web site?

Question: What is the typical path to a TrueGrid® purchase?

Question: What CAD systems interface to TrueGrid®?

Question: What is the interpretation of the 2D coordinate system in TrueGrid®?

Question: Why does an interpolation or smoothing operation appear to have no affect on a solid mesh?

Question: The name of my computer has been changed, and now the License Manager no longer works. What should I do?

Question: Why does the TrueGrid® license manager running on a PC with WINDOWS stop working when the network is connected or disconnected?

Question: Does TrueGrid® run on LINUX?

Question: In TrueGrid® How do I put shell elements on a surface of a block of brick elements?

Question: How can the number of BEAM SECTION cards be reduced for ABAQUS output?

Question: How can I speed up TrueGrid®?

Question: How can the mesh quality be improved where several blocks meet?

Question: How can a part be adapted to geometry on a different scale?

Question: How can you project to the apex of a cone?

Question: How do I get the menus back in the text window?

Question: How do I use the command line feature?

Question: How dose the history window work?

Question: What is the cylinder part used for?

Question: How do you use the TRBB command to refine the center of a mesh?

Question: How do I go back to change something in a part?

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